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Counselling. Coaching. Mindfulness.


As a mother of three children, two sons and a daughter, the benefits of mindfulness and meditation became very clear to me a long time before I turned it into a professional practice.


My name is Elly, I was born in the Netherlands where I was trained to be a nurse in a retirement home and proceeded to work in a rehabilitation centre for roughly eight years.


In 2013, I obtained my counselling and coaching certification and consequently received the qualification to specialise in the counselling and coaching of children the following year. In 2019, I followed the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction training (MBSR) provided by Eline Snel, followed by MBSR for children and adolescents.

Since opening my practice in 2020, my counselling services given in English, Dutch and German, have helped children and adults get through stressful challenges by questioning negative thoughts and recognising the source of specific behaviours and emotional patterns. With the right tools and an innovative approach to individual-specific situations, I wish to offer a new and improved outlook on whatever life may throw your way.

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Meispelt, Luxembourg

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