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The basis of mindfulness is practicing consciousness with focused and friendly attention. Being present in the moment.

Attention Works

The mindfulness training 'Attention works' by mindfulness coach Eline Snel consists of stories, concentration games, sensory exercises, yoga, silence exercises, breathing exercises, and conversation.

Types of exercises

1 / Breathing

Shifting awareness to the senses. Acknowledging and accepting feelings. Naming and understanding thoughts. Regulating impulsive behaviours.

2 / Listening

Practicing effective ways of communication, starting with attention and concentration. Listen to your body and recognise your limits. Learn how to hear your surrounding environment without facing distraction.

3 / Reacting

How to deal with fluctuating moods while being kind to oneself. Understanding the best ways to handle internal and external pressures.

Benefits for Children and Young Adults

Skills that children and young people learn at a younger age help guide them in later stages of life. The seed is already there and through guidance, it can continue to develop into a beautiful flower.

Through all this, memory is improved, but most importantly one comes to the acceptance of who they are. Individuals of this age are constantly learning new information, whether it be on their own account, or through school and general society.

How do you teach children/young people to relax and how can they stop worrying, trusting their own qualities, and learn to cope in this demanding century?

Special Needs

Children and young adults with autism or autistic tendencies may often require additional support and teachings on how to move forward in life. By giving them the right skillset, they can learn how to approach the unknown with confidence. How to handle new environments, why change occurs, and acknowledging personal feelings are among some of the topics that we will cover. This is done through mindfulness, yoga exercises and various visual art forms while creating a daily routine with the help of a journal.

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